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Smile Styler

Smile Styler Kallangur

Clear Aligner Treatment in Kallangur

There is no need for the discomfort of noticeable braces. You can use SmileStyler and still have the stunning smile you’ve always wanted while eating the foods you wish to and brushing and flossing your teeth as you like.

The SmileStyler transparent aligners are a set of clear plastic, removable devices that gradually realign your teeth without the need for traditional orthodontic brackets and wires. Clear aligners are an excellent option for adults and teenagers to get a straighter, healthier, and more aesthetically alluring smile. Smile stylers are Australian-made clear aligners that can give you a comfortable teeth alignment without awkward metal braces. 

It blends the most recent dental technology with premium materials. SmileStyler has created the world’s first and most incredible 100% digital clear aligner solution. Using the best intraoral scanners and SmileStyler’s dedicated treatment planning system, each SmileStyler clear aligner is specially created for each patient. The SmileStyler clear aligner is a customized dental aligner, uniquely designed and fabricated for each patient using digital processes.

Contrary to other transparent aligner systems, SmileStyler clear aligners use phased delivery to guarantee a better and more comfortable fit throughout the treatment. Every twelve weeks, a digital scan of your teeth will be carried out to monitor and track your improvement. Considering how your teeth were followed and moved throughout the previous phase, the following six aligners will be created. 

Advantages of SmileStyler

Everything is made with style and functionality, from premium materials to premium packaging. Our SmileStyler clear aligners are custom-made for you and are clinically styled and developed by professionals.

Simple & Convenient Process: Use SmileStyler clear aligners to smile bigger. Our acclaimed “continuous fit” offer, in the hands of your SmileStyler professional, enables more precise patient outcomes.

Unnoticeable: Your friends and family won’t notice you wearing them because they are invisible.

Phased Delivery: Phased delivery enables more predictable results by using intra-oral scans or impressions every three months (after each round of therapy). Additionally, this lessens the need for further, time-consuming, and perhaps expensive adjustments or aligners after the intended treatment is finished.

3D Visualizations: Before beginning treatment, use a 3D visualization to see how your teeth will appear after.

Conveniently fit into your lifestyle: You may remove your clear aligners to continue enjoying the meals and drinks 

Safe: SmileStyler clear aligners are made from the highest-grade thermoplastic polyurethane materials, free of phthalates and BPA.

Oral health advantages: Patients wearing SmileStyler clear aligners frequently observe better periodontally (gum) health during treatment.

Australian-made: Our patients adore SmileStyler clear aligners because they are made in Australia and come with skilled assistance from an Australian-based company.

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FAQ About Smile Styler

Each patient is unique and has various goals, requiring a varied treatment period. Additionally, it depends on how severe your condition is and how well you have worn your aligners.

A minor correction can be made in as little as six months, with an average case lasting between 12 and 24 months. Request a free consultation to learn more about your unique situation.

The minimum daily wearing time for SmileStyler Aligners is 22 hours. The results would be great if you wore it for a long time.

Yes. You should remove the smile styler aligners when you eat, brush, or floss.

Kallangur Dental Hub is the best place for any dental service. Our patient-friendly services keep you comfortable at our dental clinic. At Kallangur Dental Hub, we use SmileStyler clear aligners for comfortable teeth alignment treatment without unconventional metal braces. We provide high-quality transparent aligner services in Kallangur.

It is advised not to drink any beverages other than WATER. Remember to brush your teeth after having food and before re-inserting the aligners. Use the chew tool for a minimum of 5 minutes before re-inserting the SmileStyler to ensure the correct fixing of the aligner.