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Best General Dentist Services in Kallangur

Kallangur Dental Hub is committed to maintaining your general dental health. As your overall health and well-being depends on the condition of the oral health, it is essential to get regular and adequate care. We are experts in providing this to you.

Our clinic offers a variety of regular dentistry procedures in addition to cosmetic and emergency care services. 

Preventative dentistry is the latest technique for a sound oral health. We have advanced equipment to diagnose issues like caries and periodontal disorders. Even people without any teeth can benefit as we can identify conditions such as mouth cancer and denture stomatitis early on and treat them accordingly.

We also have a relaxing and calming environment. All our staff are females and highly trained to treat all kinds of patients. We have received a number of positive feedback for treating highly anxious patients, children, pregnant women and so on.

Our General Dentistry And Preventive Services Include The Following:

Dental checkup and clean

Gum disease treatment

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

Wisdom tooth removal

Mouthguards and splints

Child Dental Benefit Schedule

Our Kallangur dentists are experts in general dentistry procedures. Our procedures include comprehensive dental checks up, tooth extractions, denture construction, aesthetic dentistry, high quality and durable tooth-coloured fillings.

Our primary goal is to improve your overall health and oral hygiene by maintaining good dental health.

At Kallangur dental hub, we carry out periodic check and cleans, identify any caries and do fillings if necessary. We offer pain-free treatments in a soothing and relaxing environment.

We believe that dental hygiene is the foundation to your general health. When you are due for your regular dental examination, we use sophisticated systems to send reminders. You can also book appointments online anytime to suit you.

Personalized General Dental Care in Kallangur

In our clinic we are delighted to meet our patients and resolving their dental issues. We are great at listening to our patients, understand their needs and propose dental treatments which are suitable to them. Each of our patient are unique and hence our dentists adopt a customised approach while planning for their treatment. 

Depending on the treatment, we offer our patients several options that they can chose from. Our experienced dentists can also explain the pros and cons of each treatment. All treatments are carried out only after patient consents to it. Fees are also discussed prior to the treatment so there are no surprises at the reception. We understand that some dental treatments can be expensive and hence offer various payment plans to alleviate any financial burdens.

At Kallangur Dental Hub, we accept new patients and can treat you and your whole family. Many of our current patients refer us to their friends and family. Word of mouth is one of the reasons we are so popular in the Kallangur area.

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FAQ About General Dentistry

We recommend routine check and clean every 6 months. Even if you do not experience any pain or symptoms, it is advisable to see a dentist every 6 months.

People with existing dental issues must see a dentist every 3 months.

Yes. Getting routine check-ups will assist with maintaining the health of your teeth and gums. It helps you to identifying any dental issues, including cavities, oral cancer, and gum disease early. Treatment is also simple and cost efficient at this stage

As early as possible. We recommend once the first tooth erupts or no later than the child’s first birthday. We recommend this so that you kids do not develop a dental anxiety as they grow up. We make these visits fun as our staff are highly trained in kid’s psychology. We see many kids every day and make their trips enjoyable.

Patients who skip their regular dental visits run the risk of getting cavities or oral infections. Many dental issues are internal and may not be visible to someone inexperienced. We recommend at least two regular check-ups per year. If you have insurance, most insurances allow for two check and cleans every year.

Our dentists use a mix of experience and technology to identify any issues as follows.

Visual examination of teeth and gums to check anomalies. Detection of caries using intra-oral camera. X-rays and OPG at the dentist’s discretion if they suspect any underlying issues.

Patient education is the most important aspect of these check-ups. We offer customised tips to maintain a sound oral health. Our dentists remember each of their patients and can also recommend new and innovative dental products such as tooth mousse, mouth rinses and a variety of dental flosses. We also stock some of them.