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Child Dental Scheme (CDBS

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Children between the ages of 2 and 17 can get free dental care under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS).

You can spend a maximum of $1026 on dental care over two consecutive calendar years.

The two-year cap period begins when a kid or adolescent first receives a qualifying dental service.

Dental services include:




Fissure sealing


Root canals


Partial dentures

First dental checkup for kids

Kallangur Dental Hub advises beginning dental examinations for your little ones as early as one year. It enables children to get used to visiting dentists from an early age  and start caring for their teeth. Our highly trained staff understand child psychology and will make them feel welcome. We make these visits enjoyable and fun as possible. These early visits enable them to be a confident individual when they grow up and avoid any dental anxieties. Let us know of their favourite music or TV Shows and we can play it on the roof mounted TV.

We suggest scheduling these sessions early when they are more alert and receptive. It might also be separate from their eating and sleeping times. The CDBS does not cover orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, and hospital-based dental care.

After the initial visit, we advise arranging follow-up recall sessions every six months to monitor the child’s oral development and health. It also enables us to detect dental problems early.

Your child will receive treatment for FREE* if you already meet the requirements for this programme. Before scheduling an appointment, please discuss this with our front office, as there are some terms and limitations.

Visit Medicare for more information.

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