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Sedation For Dental Treatment in Kallangur

Sedation Dental Kallangur

Some individuals could experience restlessness and anxiety throughout their dental care. We use various medications to calm and relax people before and during dental procedures. We call this sedation dentistry, except when under general anesthesia, those in sedation will be awake and conscious. People will be sharp and aware of sedation, except under general anesthesia.

Relative Analgesia (Happy Gas)

Under some of this, anaesthesia delivers oxygen and nitrous gas through a nosepiece. The laughing gas is often known as nitrous oxide. The patient becomes calm and relaxed while remaining conscious. While having this treatment, some patients could feel euphoric. The gas starts working in 3 to 5 minutes.

This minimal sedation with Happy Gas has no adverse side effects. Following the treatment, dentists give you pure oxygen to swiftly remove the sedative from your system and allow you to recover without experiencing a hangover.

Happy Gas sedation dental treatment is ideal for anyone who undergoes dental treatment. Some patients may have a touchy throat. This Laughing gas sedation reduces their gagging reflex while performing the treatment.

Local Anaesthesia

It is required to administer local anesthesia (LA) to the treatment region. Our Kallangur dental doctor first applies a topical numbing cream to reduce the sensation of the injection. Then we slowly administer LA to minimise discomfort during the dental treatment.

We have treated many patients using this method and could provide painless dental treatment in Kallangur.

Entertainment Like Music/TV:

At Kalalngur Dental Hub, we have the top sedation dentistry doctors to give you pain-free treatments. Some patients may feel discomfort upon hearing the sounds of the dental procedures. To make them feel comfortable, we have kept a TV to distract their attention from the disturbing sounds and pain. We allow them to bring their favourite music or movies that can make them feel at ease.

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FAQ About Sedation

No. Patients who have sedation dentistry are put into a deep state of relaxation and have reduced anxiety. However, they are still awake and can breathe and speak independently.

Sedation dentistry makes treatments almost painless and keeps patients at ease throughout their dental procedure.

Sedation dentistry is proven to be 100 per cent safe throughout the treatment. However, feel free to speak with our staff if you have any reservations about being sedated.

Depending on the type of sedation used, you might remember very little about your dentist appointment.

Depending on your operation, the duration often runs between one and six hours. Our dental doctors in Kallangur will give you the correct sedation dosage for your procedure.