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Mouthguards Dental Kallangur

A mouth guard is an over-the-teeth protective appliance that is thick and flexible. When your kids play sports or engage in other activities involving contact with the face, mouthguards protect them. They are available in various colours, and we can make them in your team’s colours. They block any direct impacts on your face, reducing your risk for severe tooth breakage or even concussions.

People who have a habit of grinding their teeth are more prone to jaw issues. Mouth guards protect them from getting jaw problems. Sometimes mouth guards are worn to treat sleep apnoea or snoring. Ask your dentist in Kallangur, North Lakes, Murramba Downs, Petrie, Margate, Strathpine, MangoHill, and the nearby areas about getting mouthguards.

There Are Two Varieties of Orthodontic Mouthguards:

Custom-fitted mouth guards

Boil-and-Bite mouth guards

Our Kallangur dentists favour custom mouthguards because they offer the best protection and are incredibly pleasant to wear.

Who Requires a Mouth Guard in Australia?

Anyone who participates in contact sports, including football, boxing, soccer, ice hockey, basketball, lacrosse, and field hockey, should wear mouthguards, whether they are kids or adults.

However, a protective mouth guard is helpful even for people who participate in noncontact sports like gymnastics or any leisure activity. It increases the risk of mouth injuries such skateboarding or mountain biking.

Mouthguards can also reduce snoring or sleep apnea. It is caused by soft tissue vibrations in the upper airway. Snoring mouth guards force the lower jaw forward to keep the airway open. It will reduce the vibrations of the tissues and snoring. 

How to Maintain Your Mouthguard?

Rinse your mouthguard with cold water or mouthwash before and after each use, or clean it with a toothbrush and mild soap.

Rinse the mouth guard thoroughly in cool, soapy water.

Place the mouth guard in a reliable, perforated container to store or transport it. Airflow is made possible, and the risk of damage is decreased. If the mouth guard is acrylic, keep it in fresh water.

They will lose their shape if exposed to heat over a long time. Therefore, never leave mouthguards outside or in a moving car. Keep the mouth guard away from hot surfaces, hot water, and direct sunlight to prevent it from losing shape. They can be fixed or repaired.

Check the mouthguard from time to time for everyday wear. Replace it if you detect any tears or holes in it. If it gets loose or is uncomfortable, also you have to go for a new one.

Please put them in mouthwash every week to remove any bacterial buildup.

After playing, keep the games in a cold, ventilated container. Please establish a routine of restoring them to your bag after games.

Bring the mouth guard to your routine dental appointment so your dentist can examine it.

Why Choose Mouthguard from Kallangur Dental Hub?

Kallangur Dental Hub suggests custom-fit mouth guards fit each wearer at their comfort. Our mouthguards are easy and comfortable to wear. It doesn’t give you a bad feeling. It is highly durable and doesn’t tear or break. It is strong enough to resist damage due to falls and protects your teeth well. We make custom-fit sleeping mouthguards and game mouthguards.

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FAQ About Mouth Guards

It depends on the mouthguards selected. The price of mouthguards goes from $190 to $250 at our Kallangur dentist. Although custom-fitted mouthguards are generally expensive, they offer the best protection for your little munchkins when they play any kind of sports. A dental injury while playing sports can lead to physical and psychological trauma in the future.

Game performance is unaffected by custom-fit mouthguards. They have no negative consequences because they adapt to the contour of your teeth and jaw. Athletes feel pleasant and secure knowing they are protected in the case of a strike or blow to the face.

According to studies, athletes who wore boil and bite mouthguards experienced discomfort and had trouble breathing, which affected their performance.

Mouth guards are worn for any sport with a chance of receiving a hit or impact to the face. It may occur during competitions, practices, or even during training. We have treated many children who got injured while playing. They could have avoided it by wearing a mouthguard.

If your child is adamant about wearing a mouthguard, make it fun by referencing popular NBA, boxing, and soccer champions. For instance, celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, LeBron James, Steph Curry, and others always use mouthguards when playing.

Remind them that tooth damage can occur at any age and that the trauma it causes can last a lifetime. For this reason, our Kallangur dentists advise mouthguards for athletes of all ages.

Yes. You should wear a mouthguard even if you wear braces or aligners since a decisive blow on the face could damage them. Your dentist will prescribe a mouthguard that is suitable for your specific need.

The benefit of wearing a mouth guard when playing sports is that it helps reduce the chance of mouth-related injuries to your lips, tongue, and soft tissues. Additionally, mouthguards can protect you from losing teeth, chipped or broken teeth, and dental nerve injury.

The thermoplastic “boil and bite” mouthguard is constructed. Before placing it in the mouth and moulding it to fit the teeth using finger and tongue pressure, it is first softened in hot water.

Custom-fit Thermoplastic polymer personalized mouthguard is made using a dental model of an athlete. Our dentist creates a mouthguard specifically for the athlete’s mouth. They are fit, comfy, and don’tdon’t affect speech.